Final painting touch ups

**This notice is being sent to all Registered Users of the Golden Bear Condo HOA Website**

Notices have been posted stating painters are scheduled to be in the community this Saturday – July 14th, 9am – 1pm.  Residents who are available are asked to leave their front door and storm doors left open when crews are working on your building.  During Phase 1 in 2017, the painting of the interior door frames were skipped for many units and ECC will be taking care of this for all units within the community.  If you are unable to have someone available at your residence during this time OR if the interior of your door was previously painted – disregard the notice.  A sample can of paint can be left for residents to complete this small area if you are not available for ECC to complete this Saturday.  If your unit has any paint issues or touch-ups that need to be completed, please contact Foster Management with the issue and property address. CALL DIRECT 720-699-9032 or EMAIL [email protected]