Roofing Update –

Golden Bear Condominium Residents –

After careful review of the roofing contract by the Board of Directors, there has been a change with the roofing contractor.  The full roof replacements will be completed by Premier Roofing.  This does not change the claim or the deductible charged by Farmers Insurance. Work will begin later this summer (July) as further assessments to the buildings are completed by Premier and the Farmers Ins Adjusters.  An informational homeowner meeting will be sponsored by Premier Roofing to go over the scope of work and the scheduling for each of the buildings, so homeowners know exactly what to expect during this process. Additional information will follow once the details for this meeting have been determined. Premier will have drones onsite in the coming days as part of their property evaluation.

Irrigation Winterizing Scheduled

As a result of the low temperatures, and out of an abundance of precaution, Longs Peak will be going through your community to drain the irrigation backflow devices, to prevent frozen pipes. The full winterization of the irrigation system is currently scheduled to begin the week of October 15th, but by draining the water from the backflow, the exposed pipes will be protected from freezing/splits. We don’t anticipate running the irrigation systems from this point forward, due to the lower temperatures, and moisture that mother nature is providing.

Homeowners are reminded to disconnect any hoses that they may have connected on the exterior of the home, to prevent frozen hoses/pipes.

Landscape Pruning – August 3rd

Longs Peak Landscape will be in your community beginning August 3rd to prune the bushes and shrubs which have become overgrown.  Thank you for your ongoing patience while the crews complete this service. This is part of the commercial landscape maintenance contract, should you have questions regarding this process, please contact Foster Management directly.  Pruning of the trees is not part of this scheduled service but is currently being assessed and scheduled.

Diseased Trees

Many of the flowering trees in your community have succumbed to FIRE BLIGHT, which is a bacterial disease and can kill the tree.  This disease can be found in the snow crabapple trees and curls the leaves, turning them brown as if they were “burned”.  Due to the nature of this disease, the blight will need to be removed from the trees during the winter months when the trees are dormant.  The Homeowners Association is working with arborists to review and assess the trees.  Due to the severity of the disease, many trees will need to be removed in their entirety. Additional information will be sent to homeowners as it becomes available.

For complete information, refer to this helpful document on FIRE BLIGHT from the CSU Cooperative Extension. 

Friendly Reminder ~ Don’t Feed Wildlife

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS!! When you feed the squirrels & raccoons it encourages them to stay.  Rodents bring disease and cause damages to the buildings.  The HOA pays to mitigate the pest problems and feeding them only increases the costs of the HOA which could ultimately result in an increase in the monthly assessments.


Final painting touch ups

**This notice is being sent to all Registered Users of the Golden Bear Condo HOA Website**

Notices have been posted stating painters are scheduled to be in the community this Saturday – July 14th, 9am – 1pm.  Residents who are available are asked to leave their front door and storm doors left open when crews are working on your building.  During Phase 1 in 2017, the painting of the interior door frames were skipped for many units and ECC will be taking care of this for all units within the community.  If you are unable to have someone available at your residence during this time OR if the interior of your door was previously painted – disregard the notice.  A sample can of paint can be left for residents to complete this small area if you are not available for ECC to complete this Saturday.  If your unit has any paint issues or touch-ups that need to be completed, please contact Foster Management with the issue and property address. CALL DIRECT 720-699-9032 or EMAIL [email protected]

July Gutter Cleaning

Everclean Company has been approved by the Board to clean out the gutters as we approach monsoon season! Contractors will be in the Golden Bear Condo Community on July 10th and 11th.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation while the crews complete this project. Should you have questions, be sure to contact Foster Management directly.



We have just been notified that ECC will NOT be onsite June 30th to complete the Door painting as scheduled.  The new tentative date is to be Saturday, July 7th, weather permitting. Should you have concerns, contact Foster Management at 720-699-9032 or [email protected]

Painting – Touch ups and Door Painting 6/30

Notices have been placed on those units part of Phase 2 of the painting process. Front doors are scheduled to be painted this Saturday – June 30th, 9am – 1pm.  This is to be the final painting for doors as part of this project. Residents will need to be home during this process and storm doors are to be left unlocked.  Should you have concerns, contact Foster Management at 720-699-9032 or [email protected]