Phase 2 Door Painting –

Notices have been placed on those units part of Phase 2 of the painting process. Front doors are scheduled to be painted this Saturday – June 23rd, 9am – 1pm.  Residents will need to be home during this process and storm doors are to be left open.  If you are unable to have someone available at your residence during this time, final painting may be available in the coming weeks – please contact Foster Management with your property address information.

Wind and Trash

Wind and Spring go hand in hand, today is a good example of just that!  Trash and debris are prevalent in the community due to the high winds today.  A reminder to the residents of the Golden Bear Community ~

  • Trash bins should be left out on trash pick up days ONLY
  • Remove your trash bin from the street as soon as possible after pickup
  • Be courteous and do not leave out overfilled bins as winds and animals cause havoc to loose trash
  • When you see trash in the community after high winds, be neighborly and pick it up!

Everyone plays a role in keeping the community looking great.  THANK YOU Golden Bear Condo Residents!

Parking Reminder

We are sending this reminder to the residents of the Golden Bear Condo HOA regarding parking within the community.  Per the Policies for your Association, Owners/residents are to utilize their garages and driveways for parking prior to parking on the street.  Fewer vehicles on the street would assist with snow removal within Golden Bear.  Thank you in advance for your assistance~~~

Snow Expected

Weekend Snow –

Weather reports indicate that snow accumulation and low temperatures are expected this weekend.  Snow removal crews will be onsite if accumulation reaches the minimum trigger depth for your community.   Be cautious when out and about walking pets or simply enjoying the Colorado weather as conditions may be hazardous.

Snow Removal Contract

Please note that the commercial snow removal contract in place for the Golden Bear Condos is for a 2 inch trigger depth. When snowfall does not reach the minimum, crews do not come out to remove snow. Due to the very low temperatures, it is not expected to melt for another day or two so be certain to take the necessary precautions when walking within the community.

2018 Coupon Books Sent!

The monthly coupon books for 2018 have been mailed to all homeowners.  Monthly Assessments for 2018 will remain at $207 for the Condo HOA.  A NOTICE of Address Change was also included from Foster Management. Should you have questions regarding your account, please contact Marcy for assistance.

We Have Snow!!

Finally, winter has appeared and brought a little bit of snow to the area! Wards is contracted for snow removal in the Condo Community and they are actively working on removing the snow from driveways and walkways. We understand this is a busy time for many as the holidays are upon us – many thanks for your patience while the crews are out working.